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The Paddles

Every material needs the right paddle.

  • A paddle for every material

    Different viscosities require the right paddle for the material – for a perfect mixture

  • Made in Germany

    Our Paddles are made in Germany. The extremely strong welded joints are made from high grade steel.

  • A system solution for every mixture

    We have been mixing materials for over 40 years. So we can give you the insight you need and the best equipment for the job. So you can play it safe with every mix and your results will be even better.


Every material needs the right paddle.

A wide range of mixing paddles for variety of mixing materials is offered. This is because short mixing times, optimal results and minimum physical strain on the user can only be achieved with the right mixing paddle. After all, we want you to choose the best mixing paddle for the various requirements of your materials, not just a suitable one.
Use the choices below to find the right paddle for your needs.
What are you mixing
  • Compact
  • Runny
  • Liquid
Match your mix

A simple solution for every mix. With thousands of materials on the market, choosing the right tools for the job can feel overwhelming. Collomix equips you with the insight and tools for the perfect mix, every single time.

Made in Germany
Our Paddles are made in Germany. In a manufacturing process on the most modern production equipment as well as with individual care, we produce the tools for you environmentally friendly and resource-saving.
  • Match Your Mix
    We make paddles to properly mix every material. When you match the right pad...
  • The Paddle Does The Job
    Only with the right paddle, the work succeeds
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  • Mixagon - Information Card
    With the MIXAGON you will immediately find the right paddle