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Mixing buckets & accessoriesBuckets that can actively improve your operations on the construction site.
Mixing buckets & accessoriesBuckets that can actively improve your operations on the construction site.
Our high-quality mixing buckets are particularly robust with their high wall thickness and rigidity and thus particularly long for you. The different buckets all have either a handle or reinforced recessed grips so that you can transport them safely and easily.
The 17 and 24 gallon buckets also have drivers in the bottom for safe machine operation in our Collomatic automatic mixers.

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  • Mixing buckets & accessories

    Item No.Product DescriptionBuying Options
    60173Mixing Bucket 8 gal. Extra-robust mixing bucket ideal for small but heavy loads. 8gal. Black with metal handle. Buy now
    60261Special Mixing Bucket 24 gal.Robust, 24 gal. special mortar bucket in white for the XM 3. Buy now
    60403Special Mixing Bucket 17 gal.Professional, robust 17 gal. special mortar bucket. Also for use with AOX-S and XM 2. Buy now
    70115Mixing Bucket 20 gal. Mixing bucket for LevMix, 20 gal., in black, particularly robust. Buy now
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  • Mixing Bucket 8 gal.

    The mixing bucket is made of sturdy materials that outperform and outlast other buckets. It lasts up to 8 times longer than other mixing buckets and is suitable for mixing heavy materials on the construction site. It easily handles the tasks that need to be done. A high-quality metal handle makes it easy to carry around the job site.
  • Special Mixing Bucket 17 gal.

    A professional and robust special mortar bucket for the construction site. The thick walls made of high quality material provide stability and durability. It can be used with many mixers and is compatible with Collomix AOX-S, POX-S and XM 2 automatic mixers. The reinforced handles provide stability during transport, and in combination with the transport cart, the bucket can be moved in a way that is easy on the back.
  • Mixing Bucket 20 gal.

    The mixing bucket for the LevMix fluid mixer. Designed in combination with the LevMix VLX mixer for optimum mixing. The narrow and high shape of the bucket creates a mixing vortex that forms the material into a homogeneous mass.
  • Graduated Bucket 3 gal.

    Transparent material to see clearly and measure accurately. Increments of 0.13 gallons (0,5 liters), from 0,39 to 2,64 gallons (1.5 to 10 liters).

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